Throwback Thursday: Rilo Kiley

July 17, 2014


A couple of days ago a bit of Jenny Lewis solo stuff made an appearance here at SOTO, and that pretty much guaranteed that the subject of  this week’s Throwback Thursday would be Rilo Kiley.  For some of you, I imagine that it might be difficult to pick a favorite LP (they’re all stellar except for Under The Blacklight, which is a real shit effort), but for me it’s easy to go with The Execution of All Things.  It’s the album that introduced me to the band and it features a large handful of their best tracks – My Slumbering Heart is the personification of early 2000s indie pop, With Arms Outstretched is one of my favorite anthems ever, A Better Son/Daughter, The Good That Won’t Come Out and The Execution of All Things are snarky gems, and So Long and Three Hopeful Thoughts both feature Blake Sennett at his best.  And yes, I’m aware that I just “highlighted” eight of the album’s 11 songs.  Just take it as me being serious about really loving The Execution of All Things.  Have fun revisiting it.


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