Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

June 6, 2014


There is no question that women love heavy metal. It may not be in the same numbers as men, but the women who love to listen and create metal music can have a difficult road to what they enjoy, questioned at every turn, objectified, crucified, taken advantage of and in some instances even injured or murdered. Most recently Aaron Lewis of the band Staind (Definitely not metal, but hard rock at least) called out some douchebags at their Rockfest show groping a young girl who decided to crowd surf. By its very nature, you might have an errant finger in your butthole while someone is trying to keep you aloft of the crowd, but many times if a woman takes to the crowd, bros try to get frisky, even tearing at clothes or worse.

Unacceptable, not because they are women or young girls, but because you shouldn’t act like an animal, groping at the smell of the opposite sex just because you can. Considering the world we live in, getting groped at a concert doesn’t seem nearly as disconcerting as being raped on a bus in India, but it still makes ladies wary of enjoying themselves when they should have the freedom to do so. So cut the crap Neanderthals and grow the hell up. This month, I wanted to pick out some bands with female members who freaking rule, not because of sex, skin or any of that superficial crap, they are players and singers who dominate.

:Arch Enemy – As The Pages Burn:
:Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us):
:Benedictum -  Burn It Out:
:Walls of Jericho – A Trigger Full of Promises:
:Chthonic – Supreme Pain for the Tyrant:
:Otep – Apex Predator:
:Electric Wizard – Black Mass:
:L7 – Shitlist:
:Eths – Ex Umbra In Solem:
:Kylesa – Unspoken:
:iwrestledabearonce – Letters To Stallone:
:Jucifer – Blackpowder:

One Response to “Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)”

  1. Floyd Sanders Says:

    Fantastic songs for breakfast! And yes, grabby imbeciles who repel women from going to metal shows should be drawn and quartered. What’s wrong with people?


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