Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

May 2, 2014


We are just about at the mid-point of 2014 (I know, hard to believe), so I wanted to give you some of what I feel are the best metal songs of the year. I have heard a few more than what I have on this list that might grow into the top 20 of the year but I had to cut it off. Unfortunately one of my favorite genres, Death Metal, has lapsed so far in 2014. Misery Index, Aborted and a few others have made great albums, but on the whole it has been about a lot of bigger names bringing new music to us this year.

I would say on the top of my list at this point is The Satanist, the record from Polish metal act Behemoth. They brought their live show through Austin with the Metal Alliance/Texas Independence Fest and just destroyed.  The album marks some of the most solid writing in their career and has brought the band to the front of extreme metal all over the world. We even featured an in-depth interview with Nergal, their lead singer, on the MetalSucks Podcast this week. So check out the single and if you are feeling safe try the NSFW version of the video for Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel, as it is pretty awesome.

:Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel:
:Triptykon – Breathing:
:Arch Enemy – War Eternal:
:Whitechapel – The Saw Is the Law:
:Black Label Society – My Dying Time:
:Trap Them – Salted Crypts:
:Fu Manchu – Radio Source Sagittarius:
:The Haunted – Eye of the Storm:
:Junius – Battle In The Sky:
:Ringworm – Hammer of the Witch:
:Mastodon – High Road:

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