May 22, 2014


The land of flashily-produced pop music is one I tend to only glance at from afar, but every now and again I’ll come across an artist (Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Colette, Robyn) who gets me to step in a little closer.  Sometimes it’s stellar vocal work or a particularly great hook that catches my attention, but usually it’s just the nerdy side of me simply appreciating when a song has been superbly crafted.  Case in point, today’s track from LA’s Banks.  It swirls around like it has no intention on ever letting go of you.  I recommend headphones.  And maybe an alcoholic beverage.  Enjoy.

:Banks – Drowning:

Goddess is due out September 9 via Harvest.

Bonus Video:

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  1. Jay Brinker Says:

    Great opening clause, John. The swirling phrase is nice, too. The actual song might take some time to like.


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