Warm Soda (Jennifer)

March 5, 2014


Oakland quartet Warm Soda are back with their second album, Young Reckless Hearts, which is being released on March 11 via Castle Face Records.  Following their 2013 debut, Someone For You, Warm Soda continue to put their signature musical stamp on their blend of power pop, garage, and glam rock. Their sound is deliciously catchy and upbeat; it’s feel good music to brighten those end of winter blues and fitting for your upcoming summer soundtrack. It may be an odd comparison but their sound is a bit reminiscent of cotton candy – intensely sweet (dangerously close to being a guilty pleasure) but also a bit gritty and messy.

You can catch them at SXSW; their official showcase is at Hotel Vegas on Saturday, March 15.  They also have a bunch of unofficial shows.

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