Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

March 7, 2014


It is impossible for someone sitting in Austin the first week of March not to broach the topic of SXSW. I would be remiss if I were to ignore the inevitable onslaught of music that will descend upon our fine city in just a few days. Most people are stoked for whatever pop or indie act will be vended to you out of some mighty Doritos machine, but I have taken some time to sniff out as much metal as humanly possible, and I thought it would be appropriate to expose it to you. Starting on Tuesday, this year marks the year of ‘doom metal,’ the sludgy, heavy slow attack, it seems to be the trend this year, or at least what people think is in, so let’s go with it! Also on this list, plenty of local favorites, it is one of the best years for local metal bands doing official showcases, so why not celebrate it a bit.

My featured song however, not local, not doom, but a recent addition to the genre pool, Djent. Animals As Leaders are featured atop the showcase on Friday the 14th and their new record is coming out two weeks later. This song is pretty brilliant, and relaxing, an adjective not often used with metal, but you’ll see what I mean.



:After the Burial – A Wolf Amongst Ravens:
:Windhand – Orchard:
:American Sharks – Overdrive:
:We Butter the Bread With Butter – USA:
:Kylesa – Unspoken:
:Venomous Maximus – Give Up The Witch:
:Pack of Wolves – Destruction II:
:Trash Talk – Blind Evolution:
:Power Trip – Conditioned To Death:
:The Ocean – Eoarchaean – The Great Void:
:Rivers of Nihil – Rain Eater:

One Response to “Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)”

  1. Michael Toland Says:

    Nice mix. Can’t argue with Kylesa, Windhand, Pack of Wolves, Venomous Maximus and Power Trip. Not to mention those good ol’ boys in American Sharks.

    Gotta admit, I’m still on floating on the Ocean. I like the music quite a bit, but the singer annoys the shit out of me. Just a little far over the (scr)emo line for my taste.


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