Burnt Ones (Noah)

January 30, 2014


As much of a fan as I was of Burnt Ones first album, the amazing Black Tongues & Golden Tongues, I sort of just stopped listening to them after a while. I don’t know if it was a glut of Burnt One shows or just a general burnout on San Francisco’s garage scene, but they released a second record and I talked about it but then spent ten seconds with it before dismissing it. I’m happy to say though that Mark Tester and crew are on the verge of releasing a third album, Gift, on Castleface Records and it’s a totally different beast. The band recently took a break from touring to pull themselves away from the haunts of their performing personas, and the first single, Spell Breakers speaks to that. This isn’t the T. Rex homage band from five years ago, this is something new, spacey and almost eerie in the atmospheric waves that spills of it. This is a new step, the next evolution of Burnt Ones, and it’s a step in softer, stranger direction, and I for one am very, very impressed.

:Burnt Ones – Spell Breakers:

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