Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

November 6, 2013


This month I wanted to offer a little more depth into the metal offerings during Fun Fun Fun Fest happening at Auditorium Shores this weekend. ACL Fest was decidedly not metal, and that’s acceptable, but FFF has always offered a little more variety, including this year’s second appearance of the mighty Slayer! The festival proper is spending more focus on punk rock at the sacrifice of metal compared to years past, but I wanted to include some of the bands playing the ‘Nites’ this year in my playlist this month.

Many of the bands who just couldn’t fit on the rearranged stage setup this year have been forced into the club circuit for late night shows after the festival shuts down, but still included with the price of admission to FFF8. Local metal bands The Pushmen, Eagle Claw and national acts like Black Tusk, Inter Arma and Coliseum are just a few of the bands you need to check out this year, and support the metals. Have a great festival!

:August Burns Red – Internal Cannon:
:The Locust – Full Frontal Obscurity:
:Black Tusk – Set The Dial To Your Doom:
:Tenacious D – Dio:
:Body Count – Body Count’s In The House:
:Slayer – Raining Blood:
:Coliseum – Everything To Everyone:
:Quicksand – Baphomet:
:Eagle Claw – Ophidian:
:Pushmen – Blaze Some More Hate:
:Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage:
:Inter Arma – Sblood:
:Pelican – Ephemeral:
:Iron Age – Dispossessed:

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