Movie Breakdown: Gravity

October 3, 2013


People are doing traditional-style reviews all over the web, so we decided to try something different.  In each “breakdown” we’ll take a look at what a film’s marketing lead us to believe, how the movie actually played, and then what we learned from it all.  Read on!

The Impression:

Seven years after directing the near-perfect Children Of Men, Alfonso Cuaron returns with Gravity.  It appears to be the year’s most ambitious film.

The Reality:

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Gravity twice now, and I absolutely loved it both times.  The film is not just the most enthralling experience I’ve had in a theater this year, but it might rank near the very top of my all-time list.  Alfoson Cuaron’s direction is just immaculate.  The 3D is some of the best I’ve ever seen, his never-ending shots are incredible, and I think he was able to inspire what I’ll always consider to be Sandra Bullock’s best performance.

I don’t often say that you have to see a movie, but Gravity is actually worthy of such a demand.  You’d be doing yourself a disservice by skipping it, as it is meant to be experienced in a theater.  So please, find the biggest screen near you, and go see Gravity.

The Lesson:

Alfonso Cuaron can do no wrong.


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