Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

October 4, 2013


I am not a festival guy, and right now everyone around me keeps yelling about how they can’t wait to see some crappy band at ACL Fest the next couple weekends, and I couldn’t care less. The influx of idiots to the downtown area the next couple of weekends will be great for our city, its economy, but destroys any sense of decorum that may be left in our music scene. Thousands of people who could give two shits about music any other time of the year pretending like they ‘enjoy music’ lumping all the darlings of the now into one show that they could never consume does nothing to make me think you love music.

The only fest that I actually enjoy is Fun Fun Fun Fest, and that is really due to the fact that the people who attend don’t care about that radio hit song from Fun, but really want to hear the Cro Mags, or _____ *insert band that the masses have never heard of. Plus, ACL Fest never once thought about a metal band in their lineup, to their credit, it is not their crowd. So the following is a nice list of FFF Black Stage bands this year, and a few covers from metal bands of artists playing ACL. Enjoy your Festival, I will be holed up until the end of the month.

:August Burns Red – Count It All As Lost:
:The Locust – Aotkpta:
:Between The Buried And Me – Little 15:
:Slayer – Disciple:
:Body Count – Evil Dick:
:Quicksand – Thorn In My Side:
:Creamatory – Black Celebration:
:Pelican – Ephemeral:
:Faith No More – Easy:
:Gojira – Mouth Of Kala:

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