Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

September 6, 2013


This month finally marks the demise of summer. By now I am exhausted from all the metal festivals, and the damn heat destroyed all the beautiful things. Fall begins to decay the rotting corpses left to char in the sunlight, and gives birth to some of the best metal of the year. To be completely honest, this set includes a song from the best album of the last decade and first from the band Carcass in almost twenty years. I am that confident in saying so. I won’t disparage the other new tracks on this list, but they can only live in the shadow of Surgical Steel (the new album from Carcass).  I did include some very good releases though, wear protective headgear when listening to Fleshgod Apocalypse and Grave, whilst the couple of ‘vintage’ tracks are bands I plan on seeing live this month, because it is all about me in the end. So enjoy the preparation for the dark times, and as some have been known to say, Winter is Coming.

:Between The Buried And Me – Astral Body:
:Trivium – Strife:
:Carcass – Captive Bolt Pistol:
:The Devil Wears Prada – Home For Grave:
:Fleshgod Apocalypse – Elegy:
:Skeletonwitch – Burned From Bone:
:Grave – Morbid Ascent:
:Red Fang – Blood Like Cream:
:Iron Maiden – Powerslave:
:Orange Goblin – Acid Trial:
:Iwrestledabearonce – Letters To Stallone:


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