Action Bronson

April 2, 2013


Action Bronson might want to consider changing his name to Mixtape Master.  The guy seems to land on every single hip hop mix that pops up, and I think it’s such a crafty play on his part.  He churns out a song that sounds like whatever he wants, which keeps him versatile, and then other people promote it, which costs him nothing.  Genius.  The New York Renaissance is out this week.  Enjoy.

:Action Bronson – Compliments 2 The Chef:  It was Action Bronson’s name that made me hit play, but Lauriana Mae is why I’m posting the track.  She delivers a slick hook and keeps everything feeling laid back, which is important when you have lyrics like “You can lead a horse to water/But you can’t make him drink it/Two in the pink/Two in the stink” smashed together.

Bonus Video:

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