Vampire Weekend

March 19, 2013


One of my highlights from this year’s SXSW was Vampire Weekend’s set at Stubb’s.  The show was super light and fun, and I thought the new songs sounded really good.  To be honest, it made me wonder why I’ve spent so long just thinking of the band as okay at best.  In any case, they released two singles yesterday.  I posted my favorite, and then put up the semi-video for the other one.  Modern Vampires Of The City is due out May 7 via XL Recordings.  Enjoy.

:Vampire Weekend – Step:  This track isn’t as instantly catchy as some of VW’s previous efforts, but I find it to be so clever and warm that I don’t think it needs a big sing-a-long-worthy hook.  Have fun just listening.

Bonus Video:

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  1. toffeecookies Says:

    whats ur thoughts on the new justin timberlake album? i remixed blue ocean floor, check it out:)..


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