Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

March 29, 2013


I’m so happy we all survived SXSW. I made us a playlist because we’re such troopers, and there are some artists on there that I got to see live during SXSW, like Open Mike Eagle (amazing), Willie Green (phenomenal and has a new album out called We Live In The Future), Psalm One (awesome and with an album forthcoming this fall from Rhymesayers). But I’m just here to bring you a mix of some nice tracks for your Friday, maybe introduce you to some artists or tracks you haven’t heard before, and get you a pleasant soundtrack for your Friday. How’m I doing, John? Can I get a raise? Or, like, anything?

Please enjoy the mix below, and I’ll be at the Rollergirls bout tomorrow showing up for my girl Sarah St. John if you want to come and eat pizza and talk about hip hop.

:Open Mike Eagle – Cobra Commander (Featuring Danny Brown):
:Shlohmo – Bo Peep (Do U Right) (Featuring Jeremih):
:Big K.R.I.T. – Shine On (Featurting Bun B):
:More Or Les – Brunch Again:
:Chance The Rapper – Juice:
:DXT – Black Hole Universe:
:Zuzuka Poderosa – Seda (Jubilee Burt Fox Remix):
:Psalm One – Macaronu And Cheese (Featuring Ka Di):
:S.A. Smash – Devil In The Hole:
:Canibus – 2000 BC:
:Blue Scholars – Seijun Suzuki:
:Wes Felton – Queasy (Featuring The LB Fantastic 4):
:Greydon Square – War Porn (Featuring Canibus):
:Schooly D – It’s Krak:
:Milk – Blunted (Featuring SelphConscious):

Bonus Track:

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