Youth Lagoon

January 17, 2013


Youth Lagoon are back with a new album.  I didn’t really spend much time with 2011′s The Year Of Hibernation, but I do remember seeing them live once, and I thought they were fantastic.  Anyhow, below you’ll find the stellar first track off the upcoming Wondrous Bughouse, which is now very much on my list of albums I’m excited to hear.  It’s due out March 5 via Fat Possum.  Enjoy.

:Youth Lagoon – Dropla:  This track isn’t exactly the most uplifting, so don’t feel bad if after the first listen you just want to go stare out of a window and “think” for a while.  Once that passes, though, you should come back for the song’s beautiful arrangement.  If you have some nice headphones, use them.

Bonus Video:

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