Happy Metal Fun Time: Christmas Edition (Chuck)

December 17, 2012


A long time ago there was an ancient ritual, a rite of passage for young ones coming of age, a time when we believed in myth and circumstance, and suspended disbelief and left any notion of reality at the door, until you discovered that what your parents had been portraying for years were lies. Of course I am referring to Jesus. Actually I am really talking about Santa Clause, but you could go either way.

I hated Christmas for years, as a metal guy, the punishment of sappy songs and carolers sickens my earholes, yet many people would never think there was holiday music in the style of metal. Though there was a little resistance to doing a Christmas playlist, I could not help myself. You might not have known these songs were real, but now you can never unlisten to these gems. I hope you enjoy, Happy Holidays and stuff …

:ATHF – I Sure Hope I Don’t Have to Beat Your Ass This Christmas:
:Venom – Black Xmas:
:August Burns Red – Sleigh Ride:
:Spinal Tap – Christmas With The Devil:
:Austrian Death Machine – Jingle Bells:
:Psychostick – Holiday Hate:
:Bob Rivers – I Am Santa Claus:
:Lemmy – Run Rudolph Run:
:Corey Taylor – Merry X-M@$:
:King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas:
:Dio And Tony iommi – God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman:
:I Declare War – Jingle Bell Rock:
:Halford – Get Into The Spirit:


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