September 11, 2012


On September 18 the duo known as MS MR will release an EP titled Candy Bar Creep Show, and I think it’s going to be stellar.  Hurricane, which is a song they put out earlier this year, is something I’ve been unable to take off repeat for months, and now there’s a new track by the name of Bones that’s already started to own me.  Check out everything below right now, and then keep watch on their Tumblr page for new leaks off the EP.  Enjoy.

:MS MR – Bones:  I think my love for this band stems from how brooding they are.  The vocals, lyrics, music – it’s all packing such a dark, edgy tone.  I recommend headphones.  And probably a dark, cold room.

Bonus Video:

3 Responses to “MS MR”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    “Hurricane” is sooo addicting.. can’t wait to hear the rest of Candy Bar Creep Show!! Just preordered it.


  2. Adecmr Says:

    This is amazing! MS MR are sick!


  3. Alex Says:

    I’m really excited for this EP. Props to my buddy who recommended Hurricane. She has an amazing voice.


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