Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

September 28, 2012


Just in case you didn’t know, 1989 was a pretty amazing year.  For one, the USSR pulled out of Afghanistan after a nine-year occupation (man, they had the right idea there).  Also, apartheid in South Africa begins to be dismantled by the new Prime Minister.  The Velvet Revolution in Prague and the Cultural Revolution in China start up. And Ronald Goddamn Reagan finally leaves the White House. In case you weren’t aware, there was also some significant and incredible hip hop made that year amid some serious international turmoil.  Today I’ve compiled a brief sample to begin your research.

Also, if you’ve been on the fence about coming out to the Austin Mic Exchange on Sundays from 8-10PM at the 29th Street Ballroom, you should get off that fence, dude. You could hurt yourself.  It’s been just an awesome experience so far and a great way to spend a Sunday evening.  I’ll even buy you a beer if you mention this blog post! Locals Space Camp Death Squad and P-Tek from last month’s mix are always there and entertaining.

:Public Enemy – Fight The Power:
:Ice-T – Shut Up, Be Happy:
:Ice-T – This One’s for Me:
:Boogie Down Productions – You Must Learn:
:De La Soul – Plug Tunin’:
:Jungle Brothers – Doin’ Our Own Dang:
:Special Ed – I Got It Made:
:Beastie Boys – 3-Minute Rule:
:Eric B And Rakim – Microphone Fiend (Album Version):
:MC Lyte – Stop, Look, Listen:
:Queen Latifah – Wrath Of My Madness:
:Neneh Cherry – So Here I Come:
:JVC Force – Strong Island ’89:
:Def Jef – Downtown:
:Gangstarr – Manifest:

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